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Automotive Air Conditioning's Leading Alternative Refrigerant, Opteon™ YF, Meets the EU F-Gas Directive  
Opteon™ YF (HFO-1234yf) readily meets the EU F-gas replacement for automotive refrigerant, offering the best balance of properties and performance that include:

  • Excellent environmental properties: ODP = 0; GWP = <1
  • Comparable to HFC-134a for refrigeration properties
  • Acceptable stability and compatibility properties
  • Mildly flammable (significantly less flammable than HFC-152a)

Opteon™ YF Safety Data Sheet:
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Opteon™ YF: Next-Generation Refrigerant for Automotive Air Conditioning  Read about the Next Generation of automotive a/c 

Opteon™ DAC™ Cylinder Disposal Guidelines 

Learn about Opteon for stationary applications

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Car Researchers' Final Report on HFO-1234yf Confirm it is "Safe to use in automotive systems  Chemours Encourages European Union to Address MAC Directive Noncompliance   European Commission Vice President Tajani Reaffirms MAC Directive Must Be Enforced—No Exceptions  

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