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About Opteon™ YF 
Opteon™ YF (HFO-1234yf) readily meets the EU F-gas replacement for automotive refrigerant, offering the best balance of properties and performance including:
  • Excellent environmental properties
    - Global Warming Potential = <1
    - Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • Comparable to HFC-134a for refrigeration properties
  • Acceptable stability and compatibility properties
  • Mildly flammable (significantly less flammable than HFC-152a)

These other industry options have certain limitations:
  • CO2: complexity, energy efficiency and requires mitigation
  • HFC-152a / secondary loop: performance, size and weight

Opteon™ DAC™ Cylinder Disposal Guidelines

Precautions: Use appropriate safety PPE (safety glasses, leather gloves) and perform disposal procedures in a well-ventilated room. Before disposing of cylinder, read the Safety Data Sheet.

STEP 1: Recover residual contents of this cylinder down to minimum 15" of mercury into a DOT-approved recovery cylinder.

STEP 2: Double check tare weight or pressure to ensure cylinder is down to minimum 15" of mercury.

STEP 3: Punch center of relief device or cylinder shoulder using brass tools.

STEP 4: Circle spot where hole punched.

STEP 5: Store cylinder in well-ventilated area in an inverted position prior to disposal.

STEP 6: If needed, cut cylinder per metal recycler requirements.

STEP 7: Recycle container with metal recycler.

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Pressure-Enthalpy Diagram
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Thermodynamic Properties
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Transport Properties
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Material Compatibility
HFO-1234yf Vehicle  Testing
Compressor Test Results
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Plastics & Elastomer Compatibility
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System Performance
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