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Chemours Refrigerants
Procedures for Returning Recovered Refrigerant 

Two Options for Returning Recovered Gas

  1. Complete and submit the online Bill-of-Lading (BOL).
  2. Call 877-662-4322 to have a Reclaim Representative complete and submit the BOL for you.
Note: Place a checkmark on the BOL if you would like Refrigerant ID tags sent to you.


  1. You will receive by e-mail:
    a.  BOL with Return Authorization (RA) # assigned
    b.  Assigned Carrier
    c.  Scheduled pick-up date
  2. You will receive by Express Mail:
    o  Refrigerant ID tag, one for each cylinder is sent when requested on the BOL
         -- Attach tag with appropriate refrigerant type to each cylinder

Freight Minimums and Shipping Instructions


Detailed Instructions to Complete the Online BOL

The BOL must be completed in a 12-hour time period, otherwise, it will time-out and you will be required to re-enter the information.

1. Open the Chemours Authorized Refrigerant Reclaim web page at and click on the "online BOL" link listed along the right navigation bar.

2. Complete top section of the BOL.  Required fields identified with a red "*":  "Date" (use drop-down calendar), "Customer PO," "From" (Distributor Name), "Contact Name" (person completing the form), "Phone," "Address" (Ship from), "E-mail" (separate multiple addresses with a comma) and "Signature of Consigner" (person completing the form).

3. Click Complete "Materials" section:
  • Click on "Add."  The "Add Materials" window will open to select refrigerant types.
  • "Select" Refrigerant type or Empty Cylinders from the drop-down menu.
  • Check all boxes that apply:  "Cylinder Size - PSI - Deposit" and "Qty."
  • "Enter" total gross weight for each refrigerant type. 
    Note: If Empty Cylinders is selected, the total gross weight is automatically calculated.
  • Select "Save" after entering details for each refrigerant type.
  • Repeat above steps until all refrigerant types are entered.
  • Select "Save" and "Close."
  • Return to the BOL form.
4. Review the information entered.
» Select "Edit" or "Delete" by clicking box to the right of the Description of Material.

5. Select "Edit" and the Edit Materials window will open.  Edit information as entered information, then "Save" and "Close." 
Note: Adjust the Gross Wt. when adding or reducing cylinder count.
» Select "Delete" by checking the "x."

6. Close Enter quantity of "Pallets/Skids" for each cylinder size category:
  • Select "Cylinder Size" from the drop down menu.
  • Enter "Qty" for selected Cylinder Size and "Add."
  • Repeat steps for each Cylinder Size and "Add."
  • "Delete" to remove an entry by clicking red "x."
  • The "Summary" will automatically update including Pallet/Skid weights.
7. Check box if applicable: "Placards Offered if Aggregate Gross Weight Exceeds 1,000 lbs."

8. Enter: "SHIPPER'S NAME", "Do you need tags" - check appropriate box, and "Special Instruction" to provide specific details or special handling of shipment.

9. Select "Print Form" to print a .PDF of the completed Bill-of-Lading.

10.  Select "Submit by E-Mail" to send the completed BOL to Chemours and to you and/or to the email address(es) entered in top section of the BOL form.

11.  Confirmation message will appear together with proper return procedures.