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Reclaiming Refrigerant for Credit

R-22 and CFC BuyBack Programs
» R-22 BuyBack & Asset Management

If you are a business owner, facilities manager, contractor or technician who services equipment running on R-22 and are well under way to decrease dependency and use of R-22, our R-22 BuyBack Program offers an option to get value for your R-22. Contact the Chemours Reclaim Manager to learn more.

If your refrigerant management plan includes using your installed base of R-22 to service other equipment still operating on R-22, we have options for you that include (1) R-22 re-use, (2) R-22 bank, and (3) R-22 buyback. Contact the Chemours Reclaim Manager or an Authorized Refrigerant Reclaim Center near you to help you achieve a smooth transition from R-22 and offer you incentive-based options.

» CFC BuyBack Program

Chemours accepts any quantity of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and offers incentives with our CFC BuyBack Program. We follow strict guidelines for proper handling and destruction as part of this sustainability effort. Contact the Chemours Reclaim Manager or a Chemours Authorized Refrigerant Reclaim Center for more information.