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Frequently Asked Questions About Reclaiming Refrigerants

How do I recover refrigerant properly?

Refer to our Safe Recovery Procedures, which includes: 10-step process, personal safety guide, fill weight guide, and a listing of the proper pressure-rated cylinder to use by refrigerant. Also refer to Steps to Proper Refrigerant Recovery.

Can I put Freon™ MO99 in the same recovery cylinder as R-22?

No. Do not mix different R-number refrigerants into the same recovery cylinder. By doing so, you will cross-contaminate the refrigerant and in most cases, end up with a charge to dispose of the mixed gas.

Where can I return my recovered R-22 or other refrigerant?

Contact a Chemours Authorized Return Center in your area who accepts used refrigerant returns, in most cases has small cylinder exchanges--empty for full--and will properly handle and return the cylinder to an EPA-certified reclaim provider.

How do I know how much recovered refrigerant to put in my recovery cylinder?

Liquid refrigerant will expand as its temperature is increased. If the cylinder somehow becomes completely full of liquid, the pressure can increase dramatically with a relatively small increase in temperature. Typically, the cylinder should not be filled to more than 80% liquid full at 77°F (25°C). Refer to the recovery cylinder manufacturer for your specific recovery cylinder fill weights.

How do I determine the correct pressure rated recovery cylinder to use?

It’s very important to use the proper pressure-rated (psi) recovery cylinder for the refrigerant you are recovering from your system. The cylinder size also plays a role to determine the correct psi cylinder.

Can I reuse the recovered refrigerant pulled out of a system or equipment?

EPA regulations (40 CFR Part 82, Subpart F) under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act restrict the resale of used refrigerant to a new owner unless it has been reclaimed to at least the purity specifications (AHRI Std 700) by an EPA-certified refrigerant reclaimer. Refrigerant that has been recovered and/or recycled can be returned to the same system or other systems owned by the same person without being reclaimed.