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Freon™ HP81 refrigerant

Freon™ HP81 is an HCFC retrofit refrigerant for R-502 in limited applications where a 10°F to 20°F (5.5°C to 11°C) increase in compressor discharge temperature is desirable, such as some ice machines and other self-contained systems.  Field experience has shown that no oil change is needed in many unitary and close-coupled systems.



R-402B; A1 Safety Classification




  • Ice machines
  • Self-contained equipment


  • Works with existing mineral oil (MO) in many unitary and close-coupled systems.
  • Alkylbenzene (AB) oil is recommended for optimum oil return.
  • One compressor oil change to AB will typically remove 50% to 80% of the existing MO, which satisfies the recommendations and requirements of most compressor manufacturers; 10% to 25% less refrigerant is needed.  See retrofit guidelines for full details.

Phaseout Schedule

Consult the specific regulations in your country or region.

Lubricant Recommendation

AB or MO