2016 Purdue Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference - Papers and Presentations

Chemours presented an industry-leading five white papers at the 2016 Purdue Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference. The white papers and presentations can be found at the link below. For more information about our participation at the conference, click here.

Multi-Year Evaluation of R-449A as a Replacement for R-22 in Low Temperature and Medium Temperature Refrigeration Applications

Authors: Andrew Pansulla, Charles Allgood

Testing of Low GWP Replacements for R-410A in Stationary Air Conditioning

Authors: Joshua Hughes, Sonali Shah

Hot Surface Ignition Testing of Low GWP 2L Refrigerants

Authors: Mary Koban, Barbara Haviland Minor, Nina Gray, Patrick Coughlan

Testing of HFO Refrigerant with Less Than 150 GWP in a Commercial Freezer

Authors: Barbara Haviland Minor, Sonali Shah, Luke Simoni

Combined Heat and Power From Low Temperature Heat: HFO-1336mzz(Z) as a Working Fluid for Organic Rankine Cycles

Authors: Konstantinos Kontomaris1, Luke D. Simoni1, Mattias Nilsson2, Tim Hamacher3, Harald Nes Rislå4

1Chemours Fluorochemicals, Wilmington, Delaware, United States of America; 2Viking Heat Engines, Kristiansand, Norway; 3Viking Heat Engines, Remscheid, Germany; 4Viking Development Group, Kristiansand, Norway