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Freon™ 22 refrigerant (R-22)

R-22 is going away! Switch now to ISCEON™ refrigerants.

R-22 is subject to Montreal Protocol and phaseout, but can easily be replaced with an ISCEON™ refrigerant. Find out which ISCEON™ refrigerant is best for your application.
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*** U.S. EPA Final Rule on R-22 ***

Freon™ 22 is an HCFC refrigerant used for residential and commercial air conditioning and for medium- and low-temperature commercial refrigeration applications, including: food service, supermarket display cases, food storage and processing, and transport refrigeration systems.


R-22; A1 Safety Classification


  • Residential and Commercial A/C
  • Medium- and low-temperature commercial refrigeration:
    • food service
    • supermarket display cases
    • food storage and processing
    • ice machines
    • some transport

Lubricant Recommendation
AB or MO