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Freon™ MO29 refrigerant

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Freon™ MO29 is a cost-effective, non-ozone-depleting HFC refrigerant for replacing R-22 in medium-temperature, direct expansion (DX) refrigeration applications (can also be used for low temperature), including commercial supermarket systems, and in stationary DX air conditioning applications, including DX water chillers.

 Refer to Copeland's Changeover Guidelines, which now include R-22 to Freon™ MO29 (R-422D) and Freon™ MO79 (R-422A).

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R-422D; A1 safety classification




  • Medium-temperature commercial and industrial DX refrigeration (can also be used for low temperature):
    • Food service
    • Supermarket display cases
    • Food storage and processing
    • Ice machines
  • Residential and commercial air conditioning: Best choice for DX water chillers


  • Provides efficient, cost-effective retrofits—easier retrofit than R-404A, R-507, and R-407C 
  • Non-ozone-depleting HFC
  • In most cases, no change of lubricant type during retrofit is required—compatible with traditional and new lubricants
  • Field testing has been successful in many systems with no TXV change—superheat adjustment may be required
  • An assessment of TXV loading is required to determine if TXV change is required
  • Enables continued use of existing equipment
  • 30% lower global warming potential (GWP) vs. R-404A and R-507
  • After retrofit, can be topped off during service without removing the entire refrigerant charge


  • Closest match to R-22 capacity and efficiency in most systems
  • Significantly lower discharge temperature vs. R-22—likely to prolong the life of the compressor
  • Provides up to 8% improved cooling capacity and up to 14% improved efficiency vs. R-22 at low-temperature conditions
  • Provides slightly lower cooling (about 5%) capacity and comparable efficiency vs. R-22 at medium-temperature conditions with 10°F (6°C) subcooling

Lubricant Recommendation

Freon™ MO29 is compatible with traditional and new lubricants—mineral oil (MO), alkylbenzene (AB), and polyol ester (POE)—in most cases, no change of lubricant type during retrofit is needed. Refer to the Freon™ MO29 Retrofit Guidelines and Copeland's changeover guidelines, which now include Freon™ MO29 and Freon™ MO79, for additional information.