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Freon™ 407C refrigerant

Freon™ 407C is an HFC refrigerant replacement for R-22 in positive displacement systems such as new or existing residential and commercial air-conditioners and heat pumps. Freon™ 407C offers similar performance to R-22 and can be used to retrofit existing R-22 air-conditioning systems. Freon™ 407C can also be used to replace R-502 for some existing medium-temperature applications with evaporator temperatures above +20°F (-7°C).

HFC-407C is included in the U.S. EPA SNAP de-listing of HFCs that will no longer be acceptable in new equipment in certain end use applications in the U.S. market. There are no U.S. regulations currently impacting the HFC service market. Refer to the Summary of U.S. EPA SNAP Regulations Pertaining to Refrigerants.



R-407C; A1 Safety Classification




  • Positive displacement equipment:
    -  new or existing residential and commercial air-conditioners
    -  new or existing residential and commercial heat pumps
  • Existing medium-temperature applications


Similar to R-22 in capacity and energy efficiency.

Phaseout Schedule 
Consult the specific regulations in your country or region.

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