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SAFEguard Yourself Against Counterfeit Refrigerants

If you had the power to protect employees and customers from danger would you?

Of course you would! Yet, many organizations unknowingly surrender that power by using counterfeit refrigerants. The dangerous composition of the counterfeit products poses a high risk of explosion and even loss of life. Combine that with the millions of dollars counterfeit refrigerants cost our industry every year and the need for refrigerant authentication is clear.

We want to help safeguard your organization and customers from counterfeit refrigerants, which is why we created the Global Chemours Brand Assurance Anti-Counterfeiting Program.Our goal is to create an authentication process that stops counterfeiters in their tracks and gives you peace of mind that you’re purchasing (and using) genuine Chemours refrigerants—every time.

How to Ensure SAFE Refrigerant Use

  1. SELECT a reputable refrigerant distributor—Make sure you select a reputable Chemours refrigerants distributor for all of your purchases; you can locate a distributor in your geographic area here.

  2. ASKfor genuine Chemours refrigerant—Don’t leave it up to chance; ask for a genuine Chemours refrigerant.

  3. FIND the key security features—Closely examine your refrigerant packaging to find these key security features. All cylinders should include an Anti-Counterfeiting Security Shrink Sleeve, while disposable cylinders (DACs) should also include a Izon™ security label.

    Refrigerants anti-counterfeiting measures

  4. ENSURE the authenticity of your refrigerant package—Take a moment to ensure the authenticity of your refrigerant package using one of the immediate confirmation options below.

» Packaged in the U.S.

» Packaged Outside the U.S.

Counterfeiters do attempt to replicate our process, so please follow ALL four steps above to ensure authenticity and SAFE refrigerant use!

When in Doubt ... Call our Anti-Counterfeit Hotline!

If you witness suspicious activity or are ever in doubt as to whether you have purchased a genuine Chemours refrigerant, contact us toll-free in the U.S. at 800-235-7882 or refer to our global offices listing.