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» R-22 Replacement
For Direct Expansion Stationary Air Conditioning Applications.

There are potentially 3 possible R-22 retrofit options available, Freon™ MO99, Freon™ MO29 and Freon™ MO59:

ISCEON™ MO99  For reasons of performance and ease of retrofit in most cases Freon™ MO99 will provide a more cost-effective R-22 retrofit option for direct expansion stationary air conditioning applications.
ISCEON™ MO29  Freon™ MO29 and Freon™ MO59 can also be used for retrofitting direct expansion stationary air conditioning applications and will continue to be part of the Freon™ refrigerants range but a full technical assessment of the system would be recommended with special attention to expansion device sizing.

Please refer to the product retrofit guidelines before performing any retrofit.

Note: There has been some experience with reverse cycle AC systems which are designed to operate with a liquid refrigerant reservoir on the low pressure side especially during the heating cycle. If possible a single change to a POE oil is strongly recommended. As these systems usually employ hermetic compressors a full oil change may not be practical and it is therefore recommended to add a quantity (~20% of the mineral oil charge) of a suitable POE oil to the system.