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» R-22 Replacement
For Direct Expansion Low-Temperature Commercial, Industrial Refrigeration and Food Processing System Applications.

There are potentially 3 possible R-22 retrofit options available, Freon™ MO99, Freon™ MO29 and Freon™ MO79:

ISCEON™ MO99  For reasons of performance and ease of retrofit in most cases, Freon™ MO99 will provide a more cost-effective solution.
ISCEON™ MO29  In systems that require significant demand cooling or liquid injection to control compressor discharge temperatures with R-22, Freon™ MO29 may offer a performance advantage due to lower compressor discharge temperatures but a full technical assessment of the system would be recommended with special attention to expansion valve sizing.
ISCEON™ MO79  If you are looking for higher capacity, Freon™ MO79 can be preferred but this retrofit will require additional steps (please refer to detailed retrofit guidelines). Freon™ MO79 provides additional cooling capacity versus R-22 (up to 30% and 3 bar higher condensation pressure). Therefore, in many cases it will be required to adapt, modify, or increase the size of the condenser and possibly the compressor motor.

Chemours does have limited experience of Freon™ retrofits of flooded evaporators (pump systems). Please contact Chemours for assistance and advice before attempting to retrofit a flooded evaporator system.

Please refer to the product retrofit guidelines before performing any retrofit.