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Freon™ 39TC™ (R-423A) Refrigerant

Freon™ 39TC™ is one of the leading, non-ozone-depleting HFC retrofit refrigerants for R-12 in centrifugal chillers.

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Centrifugal chillers designed for R-12


  • Provides efficient and cost-effective retrofits
  • Non-ozone-depleting HFC retrofit refrigerants 
  • Retrofit typically requires a single lubricant change to polyol ester without additional flushing
  • Avoids expensive engineering changes to existing chiller equipment
  • Enables cost-effective, continued use of existing chiller equipment


  • Provides required cooling capacity and comparable energy efficiency vs. R-12
  • Similar discharge temperature and pressure vs. R-12

Lubricant Recommendation

For most systems, only one lubricant change to polyol ester during retrofit is required. Freon™ 39TC™ tolerates high residual levels of mineral oil in polyol ester; therefore, no system flushing is generally required after changing the original lubricant to polyol ester. See Freon™ 39TC™ retrofit guidelines for more details.