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United Kingdom

Chemours inherits of all of the science that makes air conditioning and refrigeration possible which was pioneered by DuPont. Throughout the 20th century, new applications for refrigerants were constantly being discovered. Today, refrigerants are used in supermarkets to preserve perishable food, and in the refrigerated trucks that deliver the food. Refrigerants play an important role in health care, to sterilize surgical instruments and cool x-ray equipment.

Chemours Rcontinues to be a leader, meeting your residential and commercial air conditioning needs.  And as long as there has been automotive air conditioning, former mother company DuPont has played a major role in keeping passengers comfortable.

You can continue to rely on Freon™ refrigerants, and a complete family of easy-to-use, non-ozone-depleting HFC retrofit refrigerants for CFC and HCFC equipment.

We are committed to leveraging The Science of Cool™ to lead the search for new cooling solutions that improve comfort and enhance the quality of life.