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Regulatory Links

Please make sure that you refer to the HCFC Phaseout Schedule (Canada).

The first reduction in HCFC consumption and production began January 1, 2004, as per terms of the Montreal Protocol.  Check the Environment Canada Web Site for details and proposed regulation changes.

Province Legislation

Some provinces are revising their regulations to include refill bans on certain classes of CFC containing equipment in addition to other changes. Check your provincial website to determine if there are any changes proposed for your province. 
If you have any questions regarding regulations, please make certain to contact the appropriate provincial environment ministry for the most current information. Refer to the links below. 


British Columbia


New Brunswick


Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island

  • Ozone Depleting Substances and Replacement Regulations*
    (No. EC619/94)
    not available



*Legislation available in english only
**Legislation available in french only