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Sodium Methylate

Sodium methylate is a versatile intermediate used in a variety of organic syntheses. The compound can be made by reacting elemental sodium with methyl alcohol, and it is also commercially produced from sodium chloride and methanol in an electrolytic process under inert gas. This reaction is quite exothermic and also releases the hydroxyl hydrogen off-gas according to the reaction:

The catalyst contains no water and is shipped in a methanol solution. Chemours provides sodium methylate in 25 percent and 30 percent solutions.

Chemours is the primary producer in North America of non-mercury sodium methylate for the biodiesel industry and we are working closely with biodiesel producers to help meet their sodium methylate needs. With its combination of high yield and low cost, sodium methylate is the preferred catalyst in the production of biodiesel fuels. The catalyst is shipped in a methanol solution, allowing biodiesel producers to reduce their overall consumption of methanol while providing a water-free catalyst. The sodium metal used to make sodium methylate is produced using hydropower from the Niagara Falls at our Niagara Reactive Metals plant.

The Capacity to Meet Customer Needs

In May 2007, Chemours reached an agreement with InChem Corporation in Rock Hill, SC in which InChem will produce sodium methylate for Chemours using Chemours sodium. This increase in capacity is part of the Chemours initiative to meet growing sodium methylate demand.

Chemours continues to add capacity for sodium methylate production, strategically located to reduce freight costs to our customers. In addition, we are working to optimize output from existing assets to meet industry needs.

Processing Technology That Enhances Purity

Conventional sodium methylate manufacturing processes typically employ mercury-sodium amalgam in the electrolysis process, which could potentially contaminate suppliers’ grades with trace quantities of mercury. In contrast, the unique manufacturing process for Sodium Methylate in the U.S. incorporates innovative technology that virtually eliminates traces of mercury and enhances product purity.

Part of Our Commitment to Biofuels

Chemours is a leader in the biofuels industry in several categories, and our sodium methylate catalyst fits well with our overall effort in this industry. We believe biology will help reduce the global reliance on fossil fuels and that our unique scientific capability will provide solutions that are sustainable, renewable and matched to real-world needs. Integration of modern biological tools into our world-renowned chemistry and engineering capabilities has allowed us to become a technology leader in the development of renewably sourced chemicals, and now fuels.