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Reactive Metals Solutions from Chemours

Hydroelectric Power from Niagara Falls supplies the energy to create Reactive Metals and Biodiesel Catalyst Solutions for you.

Chemours has been in the Reactive Metals business for over 100 years. We remain committed to growing our global participation in our primary reactive metals, sodium and lithium, and we continue to focus on broadening our participation in the many reactive metals applications. Our objective is to understand our customers’ major business opportunities and then solve it in the most effective way using the extensive tools, technologies and know-how available at Chemours.

Chemours is recognized as the premier worldwide lithium metal producer. Lithium metal is toll produced for our customers who provide lithium products for lithium batteries, synthetic rubber catalysts, and organolithium reactions.

This web site provides general technical data that will help you identify possible uses for Reactive Metals. Please contact us directly so we can discuss your needs and develop new solutions to enhance your business growth.

“The Niagara Plant is committed to continual improvement of the Quality Management System and will consistently and reliably meet the needs of our customers and the requirements of the ISO9001-2000 standard. We will reduce the number and severity of customer complaints we receive. Produce Sodium and Lithium that meets product requirements with a first pass rate of 100%."

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Sodium services a variety of industries in a number of different uses.



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Get general technical data that will help you identify possible uses for Reactive Metals




Featured Product

Sodium Methylate

High purity sodium used to make sodium methylate is produced using hydropower from Niagara Falls at our Niagara Reactive Metals plant in New York.

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