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Chemours and REACH

Useful Links

bullet_listEuropean Commission -
Official information portal from the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry

bullet_listEuropean Chemicals Agency -
The ECHA website is a central point of entry for information about REACH.

bullet_listEuropean Chemicals Agency REACH Navigator -    
The Navigator helps industry to determine its obligations under REACH and find the appropriate guidance on how to fulfil these obligations.

bullet_listEuropean Chemicals Agency FAQs -   
The FAQs concern REACH, the guidance documents and the Agency. They are compiled on the basis of questions received by the ECHA and the national helpdesks in the European Union Member States.

bullet_listCEFIC and REACH –   
The European Chemistry Industry Council wants to make REACH work, and plays an active role in helping companies to prepare for the requirements of REACH.