Oxone™ Pool Care

What is Oxone™ ?

Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer for Pools

Oxone™ has been widely used in swimming pools and spas since the 1970s.  Today, Oxone™ is the most widely used chlorine-free oxidizer in North America.

Oxone™ is a powerful, chlorine-free product that uses the power of active oxygen to eliminate organic contaminants from swimming pool water. It’s available as an easy-to-use, quick dissolving powder that goes to work immediately.

It is important to note that Oxone™ is not a replacement for chlorine sanitizers. Chlorine sanitizes the water and protects swimmers against disease and infection. Using chlorine or other EPA-registered sanitizer is critical to maintaining the pool water. Oxone™ is a weekly shock oxidizer that works in conjunction with the sanitizer. In this role, Oxone™ reacts with contaminants that would otherwise consume your sanitizer, so the chlorine is free to do what it is intended to do: kill germs that can make you ill.
What Does Oxone™ Do?

When added to pool water, Oxone™ eliminates organic contaminants that are introduced by swimmers and the environment. These contaminants, which can include perspiration, sunscreen, dust, pollen and urine, cause water to become dull or hazy. They can also create a heavy demand on sanitizing chemicals in the pool which leads to the formation of undesirable combined chlorine.

Products that contain Oxone™ quickly eliminate these contaminants from the water. As a result, pool sanitizers actually last longer and work better to help keep your pool water safe.
Safe for Any Pool

Oxone™ is the oxidizer of choice, whether the pool is constructed of gunite and plaster, vinyl liner, fiberglass, or painted concrete. It eliminates the need to shock with heavy chlorine doses which can bleach and fade vinyl liners and painted surfaces.