Oxone™ Pool Care

Benefits of Using a Non-Chlorine Shock Oxidizer Powered by Oxone™

Choosing a shock oxidizer powered by Oxone™ offers the following benefits to ensure your pool water stays crystal clear:

Use Less Chlorine in Your Pool

In a traditional pool care system, chlorine is used as a sanitizer, to kill bacteria, and as an oxidizer, to eliminate organic waste from bathers and the environment. Up to 90% of the chlorine sanitizer is used in oxidizing the organic material—leaving only 10% to control the disease-causing germs and nuisance algae.

Products that contain Oxone™ provide the oxidation necessary to keep water sparkling clear, so the chlorine is free to sanitize the pool. As a result the chlorine sanitizer lasts longer, so you can use less chlorine throughout the season.


Reduce Eye, Nose, and Skin Irritation
That irritated, burning feeling is likely caused by combined chlorine, a byproduct of disinfection. Combined chlorine, also called chloramine, is formed when large doses of chlorine are used to eliminate organic matter from pool water (chlorine shocking).

Routine use of Oxone™ removes the organic compounds before they can react with chlorine to form chloramine. That means more fun for you and the family, and fewer red burning eyes and no irritated skin.


Keep Your Water Crystal Clear
Oxone™ restores sparkle and clarity by oxidizing organic contaminants so that particles can combine more readily into larger particles that are easily removed by your pool's filter (a process known as microflocculation). In other words, Oxone™ renders the contaminants filterable, and by doing so, helps to improve water clarity.

Plus, unlike other treatments that don’t dissolve as readily and can cause your pool to remain hazy for hours, Oxone™ formulations dissolve completely and immediately without hazing the water.


Eliminate that Strong Chlorine Smell
The harsh "chlorine" smell from some swimming pools, especially indoor pools, is caused by combined chlorine (chloramine), a byproduct of disinfection. Combined chlorine is formed when pool water is treated with large doses of chlorine to eliminate organic matter.

When you shock oxidize with Oxone™ instead of chlorine, organic compounds are removed by the processes of oxidation and filtration, and because these compounds are no longer present they cannot be chlorinated to form smelly organic chloramine.


Treat and Swim in Just 15 Minutes
Unlike traditional chlorine shock products, Oxone™ will not spike the chlorine level of your pool. So, you don't have to wait hours—or possibly even overnight—for the chlorine to return to a safe level (4 ppm) before you can get back in your pool. With Oxone™, you only need to wait 15 minutes to allow the material to dissolve and spread through the water before you can continue swimming.


Keep Pool Surfaces and Bathing Suits Looking Newer
Oxone™ is chlorine-free, and products that contain Oxone™ dissolve quickly and completely so they will not bleach, fade, or stain vinyl liners, painted pool surfaces, and swim suits.


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