Oxone™ Pool Care

Controlling and Preventing Algae in Your Pool

Weekly use of an Oxone™ based product will be more effective, and significantly cheaper, at preventing water quality problems like algae growth than treating algae once it is visible in a pool. However, if algae do appear, follow the steps below for treatment.

  1. Test chlorine and adjust concentration to 1–4 ppm.

  2. Brush pool surfaces vigorously.

  3. Add an algae control product per label directions. The two most common options for controlling algae are shock-chlorination products or algaecides.

    Note: Shock-chlorination is not recommended for routine oxidation; however, it is an effective product for killing algae.

  4. Run filter 24–48 hours and brush daily. When the algae have died and the pool water is clear enough to see the bottom of the pool, vacuum dead algae to waste.

If algae remain a problem, consult your retail pool professional.

Once the pool water quality has been restored, start on a preventive pool care program that includes Oxone™, which helps to avoid problems before they start.


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