Oxone™ Pool Care

Cloudy Pool Water Remedies

There are various reasons why you may experience cloudy pool water, including insufficient filtration or circulation, poor maintenance practices, improperly balanced water, or heavy use. Any of these reasons, or a combination of them, can lead to cloudy water. Swimmers should not be permitted into the pool unless the bottom of the pool is visible and clearly defined.

Try these cloudy pool water remedies to help restore your pool's water clarity:

  1. Make sure the filter is running properly. Normal filter operation is 8–12 hours per day, at a clean operating pressure, with no obstruction in the pump strainer baskets, skimmer basket, or the plumbing. Clean the strainer and skimmer baskets if debris is present.

    : Filters and pumps should be properly sized to provide appropriate flow rates and good filtration. Consult your filter manufacturer's recommendations before replacing the pump or filter.

  2. If the filter pressure is elevated or the return flow to the pool is diminished, backwash the pool filter. Backwashing should reduce the filter pressure and restore normal return flow to the pool. If filter pressure does not return to normal starting pressure after backwashing, the filter may need to be cleaned.

  3. Test your pool water to ensure pH and total alkalinity levels are within range. High pH and alkalinity can lead to cloudy water. If pH and alkalinity are too high, reduce the alkalinity first to between 100–150 parts per million (ppm), and then lower the pH to about 7.5.

  4. Oxidize the pool with an Oxone™ based shock oxidizer following manufacturer's instructions. For best results use a double dose (2 pounds per 10,000 gallons) when treating cloudy water.

    Note: Regular weekly oxidation with Oxone™ should prevent the occurrence of cloudy water.

  5. Circulate water for 24 hours.

If cloudy pool water persists, consult your retail pool professional.



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