Oxone™ Pool Care

Pool Chlorine Odor

When chlorine is added to swimming pool water at the recommended concentration of 1-4 ppm, it is virtually odorless. That's because it is in a soluble (and uncombined) form referred to as "Free Chlorine." Free chlorine is the "good" chlorine - the chlorine that kills the bacteria and germs.

However, when free chlorine reacts with organic contaminants like those introduced into pool water by swimmers (perspiration, urine, oils, cosmetics, etc.) or by nature (dust, dirt, pollen, insects, etc.), it forms "combined chlorine," which in addition to being a very poor sanitizer, emits a strong chlorine odor.

The best way to eliminate chlorine odors in your pool is to prevent the formation of combined chlorine (chloramine). Oxidizing regularly with Oxone™ reduces the organic contaminants without forming chloramine, eliminating the pool chlorine odor.


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