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Everything You Need to Know for Fun and Easy Pool CareOver the years, your swimming pool provides a lifetime of pleasure and memories. In return, your role is to spend a few minutes each week making sure the pool water is properly sanitized, oxidized and balanced, and to make sure your equipment is in good working order. Do this and your pool will reward you with water that is crystal clear, refreshing, and safe for your family and friends.

Although caring for a pool may seem complicated or overwhelming to a new pool owner, there are really only three basic tasks that need to be completed on a routine basis.

Three Basic Tasks

 Why  How  When 
Sanitize Proper sanitation protects swimmers against disease and infection caused by harmful microorganisms.Maintain 1-4 parts per million (ppm) of free chlorine at all times in all areas of the pool.
Refer to Sanitation vs. Oxidation for more information.
As needed
Oxidize Regular oxidation, or "shocking," eliminates organic contaminants, which improves the efficiency of chlorine and bromine sanitizers and produces maximum water clarity. It's the best way to ensure that your pool is always sparkling clear and ready for use.Add a non-chlorine shock oxidizer that contains Oxone™ (1 pound per 10,000 gallons of pool water) once each week to break up organic matter that can cause pool water to become cloudy or dull.Weekly
Balance  Proper water balance protects recirculation equipment and pool surfaces from the damaging effects of corrosive or scale-forming water.Test the water each week for pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. These are the parameters that contribute to water balance. Keep track of your test results.
Refer to Maintaining Water Balance for more information.
Test weekly, adjust monthly or more frequently as necessary.
Solutions to Common Pool Care Problems
From time to time, you may need to use other products to solve specific problems that can arise throughout the pool season. Learn how to address common pool care problems.
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