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Nafion™ XL Membrane

Nafion™ XL, a new extended-life reinforced membrane, that combines the advantages of mechanical reinforcement with enhanced chemical stability, enabling improved membrane durability.

A fundamental understanding of proton exchange membrane degradation has enabled DuPont to develop proprietary technologies that enhance the chemical stability of Nafion™ PFSA membranes. The mechanical durability and enhanced chemical stability of Nafion™ XL Membrane are the result of an advanced stabilization system that increases mechanical strength and provides resistance to peroxide attack, resulting in improved membrane life and performance.



  • Stationary—Remote location and backup power applications
  • Transportation—Bus, automotive, and light-duty vehicles



  • Membrane tensile strength increased by 1.5 times and hydration expansion reduced by 50%, compared to NR211 membrane
  • Reduction in fluoride emissions by over 40 times, compared to others that are made with non-reinforced chemically stabilized membrane


  • Extended lifetime – lasts 20 times longer in demanding load and humidity cycling applications