Chemours Fuel Cells, Delivering on the Promise of Clean Energy

Whether it’s a Fuel Cell stack to be cost effectively built for occasional use to the most demanding long service life, Chemours Fuel Cells offers a range of products.

Chemours Fuel Cells offers membranes, dispersions, and resin solutions to meet your stationary Fuel Cell stack needs. From the most reliable, long life applications to the most cost-effective solutions for brief intermittent backup, Chemours Fuel Cells has the right products to meet your needs.

Chemours Fuel Cells is the only material supplier to combine expertise in all areas of component and material offerings:

  • Ionomer/Polymer Chemistry
    From the creators of the first stable PEM platform, Chemours continues to innovate to deliver state-of-the-art chemistries that lie at the heart of the fuel cell.
  • Stable Electrochemistry
    Our knowledge, materials, and finished products result from expertise and innovation in electrode chemistry and the materials necessary to prevent degradation while maximizing synergy with the core membrane electrode platform.
  • Production Scalability
    Production scalability is the ability to address the large volumes required to meet global demands today and in the future. Chemours Fuel Cells products are manufactured on industrially hardened, large-scale equipment meaning stability in supply and quality are in place today to meet any demand.

Nafion™ membranes and dispersions have been used in stationary power applications since the market category was created. Chemours Fuel Cells now offers a broad range of products that span the multitude of power, environment, and cost objectives within each application.

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