Chemours Fuel Cells, Delivering on the Promise of Clean Energy

Chemours Fuel Cells has set the standard for power density, durability, and cost efficiency in continually innovating to create unique solutions for your portable power fuel cells.

Chemours Fuel Cells is the only component and material supplier to combine expertise in all areas of component and material offerings:

  • Ionomer/Polymer Chemistry
    From the creators of the first stable PEM platform, Chemours continues to innovate to deliver state-of-the-art chemistries that lie at the heart of the fuel cell.
  • Stable Electrochemistry
    Our knowledge, materials, and finished products result from expertise and innovation in electrode chemistry and the materials necessary to prevent degradation while maximizing synergy with the core membrane electrode platform.
  • Production Scalability
    Production scalability is the ability to address the large volumes required to meet global demands today and in the future. Chemours Fuel Cells products are manufactured on industrially hardened, large-scale equipment meaning stability in supply and quality are in place today to meet any demand.

This expertise recently succeeded in direct methanol technology to deliver an approximate 20 percent increase in power density and over two times improvement in durability and reliability leading to more cost-effective fuel cell systems.

Chemours DMFC methanol technology was at the heart of winning the U.S. Department of Defense Research and Engineering’s Wearable Power Prize. So whether your applications are portable appliances and power tools, small personal vehicles, consumer electronics (laptops, cell phones), or roadway and traffic signage, Chemours has the expertise and products to meet your expectations.

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