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Continuous Packaging Innovation

Our production facility deploys next-generation technologies to manufacture a sizeable percentage of the world’s supply of solid sodium cyanide, and we continue to expand our capacity.

We’ve engineered our entire product line for maximum safety and minimum waste. Our NaCN briquettes can be packed and shipped in a range of disposable and returnable containers, including Eco-Paks—a Chemours exclusive—which are collapsible and free of nails, enabling safer handling and disposal.

We continue to develop safer products and procedures that reduce the need for physical handling and associated labor costs. Learn more about our full line of packaging solutions:


Portable ISO packaging solution

Portable (ISO) tank solution systems can deliver 18 metric tons of solid cyanide, and sodium cyanide solution in a range of concentrations. ISO systems are designed with an internal jet mixing system and a recirculating pump to efficiently deliver cyanide solution to your tanks.


EcoPack packaging solution

Our exclusive upgrade to the standard Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), these collapsible containers have a 1,000 kg capacity. Polyethylene-lined EcoPaks are free of wood and nails, reducing disposal costs and enabling safer handing. Also, Eco-Paks are 80% lighter than wood containers, reducing manpower requirements.

FLO-BIN® on Flatbed

FLO-BIN packaging solution on flatbed truck.

Flatbeds transporting solid cyanide can hold between 12 and 19 FLO-BIN® containers. With more than five billion pounds of solid cyanide shipped to customers in the past 75 years, Chemours driver-technicians have been extensively trained in safe transport practices and the proper handling of sodium cyanide.


Flo-Bin packaging solution

Chemours FLO-BIN® containers hold 3,000 or 3,300 lb. (1,360 or 1,496 kg) of sodium cyanide briquettes and have been tried and tested for packaging, storage and handling of solid cyanide for 25 years. Returnable FLO-BIN® containers give customers the flexibility to store a much greater inventory and adjust inventory much easier.

Excel II Trailer

Excel II trailer packaging solution

Excel II trailers provide an 18 metric ton solid sodium cyanide capacity with a design that makes them compatible with tanks designed to receive solution deliveries. They incorporate high-speed internal jet mixing to efficiently deliver cyanide solution to your tanks, reducing offload time and truck traffic at your site.


 Intermedia bulk container IBC packaging solution

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) hold 1,000 kg (2,205 lb.) of cyanide, allowing customers to purchase fewer units that produce more-diluted solution. Minimal site and equipment requirements help reduce costs, and IBCs require less manual handling than drums.