Innovation and reliability for today’s mining industry

We know how much a safe, reliable supply of sodium cyanide means to your business continuity and operational success.

As the world leader in solid sodium cyanide production, we have the capacity, experience, and dedication to stewardship you look for in a materials supplier.

When you partner with Chemours Mining Solutions, you’ll benefit from a 60-year heritage of innovative science, industry-leading safety practices, and a deep commitment to the communities we serve.

Our advanced manufacturing operations, secure delivery systems and expert support are focused on one thing: your success.

Seamless Supply

As the world’s largest producer of solid sodium cyanide, we’re ready to fill orders and transport any quantity of product to where you need it, when you need it.

We have distribution facilities conveniently located throughout North America and Mexico, along with global transportation capabilities—including delivery by certified drivers on pre-assessed and hazard-mitigated routes—that can help you overcome your biggest supply chain challenges.

Our bulk delivery options include Excel II trailers (solid-to-solution), ISOs, and FLO-BIN® containers, as well as hopper cars/boxcars for secure, long-range rail transport. Plus, we’ll scale up with you as your operations grow. Learn more about our innovative packaging solutions.


Commitment to Safety
We’re dedicated to safe and responsible sodium cyanide distribution and handling and have been for more than 60 years. Chemours was a founding member of the ICMI Cyanide Code and remains committed to continuous improvement in industry safety practices.

Today, we’re extending that commitment by supporting safer ways to package and transport our product, including on-site unloading services and improved packaging options that allow your employees to spend less time handling materials.

We also work hand in hand with customers, providing comprehensive training and safety-focused jobsite events. But the training doesn’t end there. We offer our customers extensive online training resources, to help deliver best practices to your entire workforce.

Customers approved for access can visit the Mining Solutions Online Training Portal here.

Dedicated Support

The Chemours team of full-time experts is ready to help your operations excel. Our decades of knowledge and experience is made available to all our customers and their stakeholders to ensure safety and success.

Whether it’s assisting with materials handling and storage practices or regulatory needs like licensing, permitting, and compliance monitoring, we’re here to support you.

Your employees will benefit from a variety of in-person, in-class, and online education opportunities offered by our seasoned staff, including emergency response training.

We also have a firm and enduring commitment to the communities we serve. Our 60-year heritage and reputation for safety and innovation can be a valuable tool, helping you engage with and build relationships in the regions where you operate.
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