United States Krytox™ Grease/Oil Distributors


 ChemPoint*  Miller-Stephenson Chemical Co., Inc.*

The leading e-distributor of Krytox™ Lubricants.

Dedicated Krytox™ Phone:
Dedicated Krytox™ Toll Free:
      800-485-9569 x8568
Email: krytox@chempoint.com

ChemPoint Headquarters
411 108th Avenue N.E., Suite 1050
Bellevue, WA 98004
ChemPoint Toll Free: 1-800-485-9569
Fax: 425-378-8675
Email:  orders@chempoint.com
Website:  www.chempoint.com


Krytox™ Lubricants Distributor since 1991.  Quality & Service since 1955.

Technical Support
Email: krytox@miller-stephenson.com

Danbury, Connecticut (Corporate Headquarters)
E-mail: ctsales@mschem.com
Website: www.miller-stephenson.com/krytox/

Extended Krytox™ Distributor Network - Authorized Resellers
 Amazon  TMC Industries, Inc
Website: www.amazon.com Provides fullinventory of Krytox™ oils, greases and Vertrel™ solvents since 1983.

Walconia, MN. (Headquarters)
Phone: 1.800.772.8179   1.952.442.1140
Online: store.tmcindustries.com

e-Mail: sales@tmcindustries.com
Website: www.tmcindustries.com

Dallas, TX. (Headquarters)
Phone: 1.800.284.2551
Website: www.aviall.com 

 Fastenal Company
Winona, MN. (Headquarters)
Phone: 1.507.454.5374
Website: www.fastenal.com 

Lake Forest, IL. (Headquarters)
Phone: 1.800.472.4643
Website: www.grainger.com 

 McMaster-Carr Supply Company
Robbinsville, NJ. (Headquarters)
Phone: 609.689.3000   609.259.8900
Website: www.mcmaster.com 

 MorOil Technologies 
Davidson, NC (Headquarters)
Phone: 1.800.230.1651
Website: www.moroil.com

 Motion Industries, Inc. 
Birmingham, AL (Headquarters)
Phone: 1.800.526.9328
Website: www.motionindustries.com 

 RMI Ratermann Manufacturing Inc. 
Serve Oxygen, Industrial Gas, Medical Gas,and Specialty Gas Industries)
Phone: 1.800.264.7793
Website: www.rmiorder.com