Outstanding Performance for Every Lubrication Application.

Krytox™ oil and grease products do more than simply conquer the ravages of friction. Reduced maintenance costs and downtime, longer component life and the ability to provide longer warranties are among the many benefits that Krytox™ users enjoy.

These products combine an amazing list of properties (long lasting, stable, non-toxic, no VOC emissions, chemically inert, non-flammable, extreme temperature performance) with the ability to answer the unique lubrication requirements of a wide variety of applications.

 Krytox™ Oils
Insoluble in water, acids, bases and all common organic solvents, Krytox™ fluorinated synthetic oils combine extraordinary lubricity with extremely low volatility to create one of the world’s most useful lubricants.
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 Krytox™ Greases
Krytox™ greases are thickened to various application viscosities using special PTFE thickeners, along with special additives that contribute corrosion protection, extreme pressure resistance and antiwear properties.
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 Fluoroguard™ Polymer Additives
Colorless, odorless and chemically inert, Fluoroguard™ polymer additives are lubricants that migrate to a material’s surface and reduce friction, wear and flex fatigue. They are designed for a variety of themoplastics and thermoset polymers, such as acetal and resin.
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