Krytox™ Performance Lubricants for Automotive Underhood Applications.

The bearings, gears, linkages, and actuators under the hood of your vehicle are sealed and lubricated for life. Fittings for re-lubrication do not exist, so the lubricants used in these applications must continue to perform over the life of the vehicle.

Krytox™ lubricants provide maximum performance and durability across a wide range of applications, including alternators, cooling fan clutches, EGR valves, throttle bodies, motor-driven actuators, and highly-loaded drivetrain components, to minimize the risk of failures and warranty claims.

Consider these unique properties of KrytoxTM lubricants that are critical to automotive under hood applications:

  • A wide operating temperature range, from as low as -50°C to over 200°C, depending upon the grade.
  • Resistance to chemical attack by fuels, vapors, and aggressive combustion by-products that can compromise the life of most other lubricants.
  • Low volatility and durability during the life of the vehicle.
  • Compatibility with all plastics, elastomers and fluids used in today’s cars and trucks.

Additional automotive lubricant applications include:

An image of an automobile engine.

Engines & Accessories

Used in a variety of engine and accessory applications, Krytox™ lubricants deliver long life, stability and excellent resistance to fuel and fume exposure. » Learn More
An image of an automobile transmission.
Transmission & Clutch
Under high acceleration, Krytox™ lubricants provide reliable, long term performance in transmission and clutch applications. » Learn More
An image of automobile CV Joints.
CV Joints
Ability to withstand a high load, high temperatures, and with excellent wear protection, Krytox™ lubricants are ideal for Motorsport or other high-performance vehicles. » Learn More

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Krytox™ Lubrication Points for Non-Bearing Automotive Applications

Krytox™ TM-7 U.S. Tire Manufacture Case Study

Contact us and our application engineers at Chemours will review your performance requirements with you to identify the optimal grade of Krytox™ for your automotive needs.