Krytox™ Functional Fluid Solutions for Your Application.

Krytox™ functional fluids are characterized by a mono-functional hexfluoropropylenepolyether backbone coupled with a functional end-group. Combining a traditional material with one of the functional fluids offered by Chemours allows you to lower the surface energy or glass transition temperature, or provide a lubricating layer for your material. Our scientists can help guide you and offer advice on how to incorporate the functional fluid into your material.   

Krytox™ functional fluids are fluorinated synthetic oils based on hexfluoropropylene oxide combined with a functional end-group. Today, the end-groups offered include: carboxylic acid (PFPE CA), methyl ester (PFPE ME), methylene alcohol (PFPE AL), and allyl ether (PFPE AE). Chemours also offers a PFPE Silane (KS 1220). All products are TSCA* listed, while the others are available under the TSCA R&D exemption. Reactions of these groups can be accomplished by employing many of the traditional synthetic methodologies used with their perfluoroalkyl analogues. Their functional advantages include:

  • Ability to combine the inertness of Krytox™ fluid with your own substrate
  • Useful in a variety of applications
  • Generally nontoxic and both hydrophobic and oleophobic
  • Chemically and biologically inert and silicone-free
  • Low vapor pressure
  • Contain no volatile organic compound (VOC) materials or chlorine

PFPE Silane KS 1220 has a variety of other functional advantages including:

  • Easy clean anti-smudge coating
  • Anti-adhesion
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Thin and transparent coating
  • Durability including chemical and abrasion resistance

Whether you require intermediates or special-purpose additives, Krytox™ offers a long list of performance characteristics that can enhance your end product.

Make Chemours a part of your next functional fluid project, and take advantage of our many years of experience.

* TSCA=Toxic Substances Control Act