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Less cost to retrofit to ISCEON™ refrigerants than to buy new R-410A equipment

Less cost to retrofit to ISCEON™ refrigerants than to buy new R-410A equipment

ISCEON™ MO99™ retrofit labels are now on the bilingual side of the carton.

Although Suva™ 410A is great for new equipment, our ISCEON™ products have proven to be more efficient and cost-effective to replace R-22 than buying new R-410A equipment.

When faced with uncertainty of R-22 supply, equipment owners can choose between purchasing new R-410A equipment and retrofitting the existing unit to a replacement refrigerant.  Replacing R-22 equipment with R-410A equipment, costs can range from $4,000 to $20,000 per machine. However, when the equipment has remaining useful life, replacing the R-22 refrigerant with ISCEON™ MO99™ to keep it running will cost only $250 to $1500. That’s quite a cost difference.

ISCEON™ MO99™ is compatible with existing line sets, evaporators, and condensers running on R-22. Proper installation of an R-410A system requires replacing the evaporator, refrigerant liquid and vapor lines, and outdoor condensing unit. HVAC technicians are much more familiar with the operating pressures of ISCEON™ refrigerants versus R-410A. At 114°F, R-410A will have a condenser pressure of 387 psig, whereas ISCEON™ MO99™ runs in the range of 240–248 psig. Equipment owners can avoid costly equipment changes by switching to ISCEON™ MO99™ rather than R-410A.

Refer to the quick reference table for selecting the R-22 replacement refrigerant that best meets your needs.