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Innovative Refrigerants from the Makers of Freon™ 22

U.S. EPA Issues R-22 Final Rule for 2015-2019  

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Refrigerants by Chemours help you manage through the R-22 phaseout by enabling CONTINUED use of existing equipment, with minimal downtime for retrofit while avoiding costly equipment replacement for the equipment owner.

Replace R-22

Chemours offers retrofit refrigerant solutions to transition from R-22. Benefits include:

  • Enables continued use of existing equipment with minimal downtime for retrofit
  • Avoids costly equipment replacement for equipment owner
  • Provides potential for improved compressor reliability and life
  • Enables accelerated transition away from ozone-depleting refrigerants
  • Facilitates compliance with environmental regulations
  • Provides opportunity to promote environmental leadership

Eliminate the Pain of Oil Change



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