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Glypure™ glycolic acid

Skin Lightening Products Use

When used as a skin lightening ingredient, Glypure™ has shown to even out skin discolorations, such as age spots, natural blotchiness, and topical damage from over-tanning.

Glypure™ penetrates the skin efficiently, readjusts water percentages in the epidermis, stimulates collagen synthesis and promotes cell turnover rates, helping to remove unhealthy or abnormal layers of superficial skin cells (exfoliation) where hyperpigmented cells can accumulate. It helps to enhance the effects of kojic acid through its efficient skin penetration and is an efficient pH adjuster.

We offer a wide variety of starting point formulations using Glypure™ for skin, hair, nails and men’s personal care products. These formulations are for products ranging from face creams and revitalizing peels to shampoos, conditioners, razor bump treatments and much more. To meet evolving marketplace needs, we also regularly introduce new starting point formulations.