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Glypure™ glycolic acid

Acne Treatment Products Use

Glypure™ glycolic acid for acne treatment is trusted in many of the top brands, and helps to enhance the effects of other ingredients found in acne treatments.

Most acne is formed when dirt or extraneous dry skin particles clog pores, trapping impurities under the surface.  Glypure™ glycolic acid - when used in acne treatments - penetrates the skin efficiently, readjusts water percentages in the epidermis, stimulates collagen synthesis and promotes cell turnover.

We offer a wide variety of starting point formulations using Glypure™ for skin, hair, nails and men’s personal care products. These formulations are for products ranging from face creams and revitalizing peels to shampoos, conditioners, razor bump treatments and much more. To meet evolving marketplace needs, we also regularly introduce new starting point formulations.