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Chemours Glycolic Acid has a variety of industrial and personal care applications


Synthetically produced, Glycolic Acid has the same structure as its natural form, with excellent properties for removing iron oxide, mill scale, milk stone, calcium carbonate, magnesium, manganese and copper.  In customer prepared formulations, its performance exceeded citric acid.

Glycolic Acid means quality, consistency and reliable supply through dedicated production from the world’s leading supplier.  Chemours guarantees the specification chemical quality of its Glycolic Acid products at time of delivery. While we offer no further guaranty, we feel the product is stable within this specification for two years, provided the container has not been opened. Customers with concerns about product approaching, or older than, two years are welcome to contact Chemours for assistance confirming suitability of the material in the intended application.

• Low corrosivity: most common metals and synthetic materials
• Low toxicity: Oral LD 50 = 1938 mg/kg in rats
• Low volatility: VOC exempt at < 0.1 mm Hg pressure at 25C
• Low color: very pale amber
• Low odor: very mild burnt sugar
• Low fat solubility: octanol/water = 8% / 92% (log Kow = -1.11 @ 19C)
• High compatibility: many compounds and additives
• Precipitation point: -19°C for 50%; 10°C for commercial 70%
• Water solubility: 2440 g/kg water (>99% glycolic acid) @ 25°C
• High rinseability
• High biodegradability: 89.6% biodegradability after 7 days
• Nonflammability: will not burn
• Chemical stability: most conditions except to active metals or strong oxidizers
• Ease of handling: as a liquid easier to handle than oxalic or sulfamic acids
• Technical support: partnered development for success probability


Glycolic Acid is ideal for use in a broad range of applications, click here to learn more.