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Formacel™ foam expansion agents

Construction Applications

Chemours brings a 30 year history of innovation within the construction industry. Formacel™ foam blowing agents are just one important component of the expanding applications for Chemours products in this industry.

Formacel™ foam blowing agents are used as a component in building insulation, such as block pipe and roof insulation, doors, sheathing, foundations, and as sealants for windows and doors. The non-flammability rating of Formacel™ foam blowing agents, along with their environmentally acceptable characteristics, make an excellent product of choice in building insulation versus hydrocarbons.

Formacel™ foam blowing agents are non-VOC, non-ozone depleting, and offer low global warming potential and reduced energy consumption. The expansion properties of Formacel™ foam blowing agents create more uniform components, resulting in better, tighter insulation, higher energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Formacel™ foam blowing agents are also used in construction to create polyurethane molding and decorative wood alternatives. The product's uniform expansion and non-flammability offer a safe, attractive product.