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Formacel™ foam expansion agents
Applications for Formacel™ foam blowing agents 

Learn about the innovative foam expansion technologies that can help create breakthrough products.

Foam Type  Application Formacel™ foam blowing  agent 
Rigid Polyurethane, Isocyanurate, and Phenolic Wall Sheathing and Roofing Opteon™ 1100, Formacel™ Z4, Formacel™ S as co-foam expansion agent with hydrocarbons and/or high boiling HFC
Rigid Polyurethane Appliance Foams Opteon™ 1100, Formacel™ Z4 
Rigid Polyurethane, Isocyanurate Insulated Metal Panels and Doors Formacel™ S, Formacel™ Z4 
Rigid Polyurethane Frothing Refrigerated Truck Bodies Opteon™ 1100, Formacel™ S, Formacel™ Z4 as co-foam blowing agents with hydrocarbons and/or high boiling HFC
Polyurethane Foam Systems All of Above Opteon™ 1100, Formacel™ Z4, Formacel™ S 
Polystyrene Foam Sheet Food Service and Packaging, and Graphic Arts Board Formacel™ Z2, Formacel™ S (Developing countries only as a replacement for CFC-12)
  Fan Fold House Wrap Formacel™ Z2, Formacel™ S 
Polystyrene Foam Insulation Board (Extruded) Wall Sheathing and Roofing Formacel™ Z4, Formacel™ Z2 
Polyethylene and Polypropylene Foam Pipe Insulation Formacel™ Z4, Formacel™ Z2