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Opteon ™ Foam Blowing Agents

Opteon™ 1100

Opteon™ 1100 foam blowing agent by Chemours

Opteon™ 1100, is a low global warming potential (GWP) foam blowing agent that provides exceptional energy efficiency, extended shelf life, long-term R-Values, material compatibility, and ease of conversion.

The Opteon™ brand represents the breakthrough portfolio of low GWP fluorochemicals from Chemours. With products like Opteon™ 1100, we will supply our customers with solutions that are better for their business and the environment.

Next-Generation Foam Blowing Agent

Learn all about Opteon™ 1100, the newest addition to the Opteon™ family of low GWP fluorochemicals and the portfolio of foam blowing agents from Chemours.

2017 CPI Polyurethane Innovation Award Winner- Watch how innovation is at the center of Opteon™ 1100 and Chemours taking the Polyurethane Industry to new heights.

Watch how Opteon™ 1100 foam blowing agent and Natural Polymers worked together to insulate a new Chicago home.

First Residential Installation of Opteon™ 1100 Based Spray Foam Insulation

Chemours partnered with BASF, Installed Building Products and eleV8 Design + Builders to complete the first ever in-field application of Opteon™ 1100 based spray foam insulation in a residential home. The project, a 5,100 square foot home located in Austin, Texas is a showcase of sustainability, with the energy efficiency and low GWP of Opteon™ 1100 being a contributing factor.

More information on this project.

The Chemours Opteon™ 1100 molecule is CF3CH=CHCF3
About Opteon™ 1100

Opteon™ 1100 (FEA-1100) is the next-generation foam blowing agent from Chemours.

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Chemours Opteon™ 1100 has zero ODP, low GWP, and is chemically and thermally stable
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Life Cycle Analysis for next-generation foam blowing agents
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