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Opteon™ 1100 Foam Blowing Agents

About Opteon™ 1100

Our Next-Generation Foam Blowing Agent

Opteon™ 1100 is a nonflammable liquid at ambient temperature, with a boiling point better suited to polyurethane foam chemistry, processes and equipment. Unlike lower boiling HFC options, Opteon™ 1100 can be handled like HCFC-141b, eliminating some of the challenges presented by lower boiling points. Compatibility testing with plastics, elastomers and metals indicate that Opteon™ 1100 can be used in current foam manufacturing equipment with little or no modification.

Functional Performance

Chemours Formacel™ 1100 foam expansion agent is a sustainable optionOpteon™ 1100 is a sustainable and balanced option, offering the following characteristics:

  • Zero ODP
  • Low GWP
  • Non-Flammable Alternative
  • Low Conversion Cost
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Low vapor thermal conductivity
  • Liquid at room temperature with a boiling point 33°C (near HCFC-141b)
  • Low diffusion rate
  • Chemically and thermally stable

Opteon™ 1100 (HFO-1336mzz)

  • Chemours Opteon™ 1100 foam expansion agent is used as insulation for appliancesNo chlorine 
  • ODP = 0
  • GWP 100 yr ITH = 9.4
  • Atmospheric lifetime = 24 days
  • Non-Flammable (ASTM E681)
  • b.p = 33°C (close to HCFC-141b)
  • λgas = 10.7 mW/mK @ 25°C
  • Molecular Weight = 164
  • Environmental Fate: salts, CO2, H2O
  • Low Conversion Cost