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About Chemours FluoroIntermediates

Chemours is the world's largest manufacturer of fluorochemicals and operate more than ten fluorine-related manufacturing sites. Our fluorine enterprise operates research and manufacturing centers in five countries around the world.

Our mission is: "To assist customers to create new and better products and processes through the unique properties afforded by fluorointermediates."

FluoroIntermediates by Chemours are used primarily for internal manufacturing for downstream products, and privde many alternatives for introducing fluorine into customers' products, and increasing processing options and capability. Our products can be generally categorized as Building blocks, Fluoro-reagents, and Specialties, and are unique fluoroaliphatic compounds that find applications in a wide variety of markets, including Electronic, Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Catalyst, and Specialty Polymer markets.

Why Fluorine?

Fluorinated compounds typically impart improved chemical resistance, thermal stability, and low wettability, that offer higher performance and longevity in polymer applications. In Life Science applications, fluorine is known to provide improved efficacy and selectivity which in turn makes active ingredients more effective at lower concentrations. The electronegativity of fluorine can also dramatically increase acid activity of catalysts, to create "superacid catalysts," which can enable higher reactivity at lower concentrations.