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About Our Products

  Ilmenite is a titanium bearing mineral that is the main ingredient to create titanium dioxide. Every year, each person in North America uses 10 lbs of titanium dioxide for clothing, paper, paint, sun block and others products.


  Starblast (staurolite and blasting sand) is a very hard alumina bearing mineral which is an excellent abrasive to clean metals. This product is critical to construction and infrastructure improvement projects.  Its low-dusting and recyclable qualities make it a preferred choice for environmental or occupational health concerns.


  Zircon is a zirconium bearing mineral.  Powdered zircon is used to produce porcelain tile and china. It is used to produce high-performance metals for military and aerospace applications.  Chemours is the only American-Owned domestic source for these minerals.

The plant was able to help NASA meet a critical deadline in their efforts to return the Space Shuttle to flight by providing Zircon sand to assist in the forging of high-strength treads for the shuttle "crawler."