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Chemours Fayetteville

Safety, Health and Environment

The chemical industry is the safest in the world and Chemours is one of the safest companies in the industry.

At Fayetteville Works, safety training never stops. We take a preventive approach that combines safe practices, safety audit procedures, detailed process safety analyses and reviews, training in and proper use of personal protective equipment, and programs that reinforce safety awareness. Highly trained, safe, and healthy workers reduce plant accidents, which also protects the community. The site also conducts periodic off-the-job safety programs aimed at reducing the number of injuries to employees and their families away from work.

We believe that all injuries, occupational illnesses, and incidents are preventable. We always strive for "zero," and we are getting closer every day.

Chemours's culture as inherited from DuPont is predicated on safe practices and is based in the following principles:

  • Corporate commitment and leadership skills
  • Safe behaviors
  • Observant, concerned operations management
  • Genuine caring and accountability among employees
  • Complete, timely communication


Fayetteville Works and the entire Chemours Company place a high importance on environmental stewardship and meeting or exceeding public expectations. Protecting our employees and the environment is the responsibility of the entire team of Fayetteville employees.  It is an integral part of how we do business.

We invest millions of dollars in advanced environmental facilities. Process water from the plant's manufacturing areas is treated in a biological wastewater treatment plant prior to discharge into the Cape Fear River.