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Chemours Fayetteville

Environmental Honors

As a member of the highly regulated chemical industry, Fayetteville Works is subject to extensive regulatory oversight by local and state environmental agencies and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The plant measures thousands of environmental metrics each year to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations governing plant operations. All operations are monitored to ensure protection of the environment.

The facility is proud to have achieved an average annual reduction of 9-tons of major air emissions since 1998. Despite significant growth at the plant, Fayetteville Works has only increased its energy consumption five percent over a 10-year period. Almost no water is consumed during the manufacturing operations - all water used is cleaned and returned to the Cape Fear River.

Fayetteville Works is a proud member of the American Chemistry Council and participates in its Responsible Care  initiative, which encourages members to proactively and continually improve performance in health, safety, and environmental quality.