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Chemours Fayetteville

About Our Products

Since the Fayetteville plant opened in 1968, it has expanded to include the manufacturing of a wide variety of new films, fibers, and specialty chemicals that are important to homeowners, businesses, first responders, the military, and many others.

The Fayetteville Works Plant is home to several major products within the portfolio of Chemours, including:


Nafion™ membranes are thin, environmentally friendly plastic sheets that represent the product of choice for the Chloralkali and Fuel Cell industry. The principal use of Nafion membranes is to produce caustic and chlorine (Chloralkali) in industrial quantities worldwide. Nafion is the largest supplier of ion exchange membranes to the global Chloralkali Industry. Offering a technology that is both reliable and the most environmentally sound. Nafion membranes are also the used as the heart of the Fuel Cell power plants now gaining prominence as "green" sources of energy for a variety of applications. In addition to providing unparalleled power output and durability, recent advancements have resulted in Nafion™ membranes that are more resistant to decomposition at higher temperatures than other membranes. Chemours scientists continue to build on this trend of innovation, looking for next-generation membranes and other new developments to push fuel cell technology even further.