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Chemours Fire Extinguishants

Fire Suppression Systems for Emergency Response Units

Fire Suppression Systems for Emergency Response Units

Protecting What Matters Most for Emergency Response Units

Emergencies can happen anywhere at anytime. In the event of a fire, not only is your facility at risk, so are the many individuals who may need your assistance. For emergency call centers, staying operational at all times is critical because downtime can be deadly.

Even a small fire could have a big impact on your facility and increase the potential for shutting it down. Keeping computers, telecommunications and data storage operational and staffed by emergency professionals without interruption is critical. A fire extinguishant must be ready to discharge at all times. Your fire suppression system should also enable you to keep your equipment up and running.

Traditional fire extinguishing agents, such as water and dry chemicals, can cause damage to high-value equipment and contribute to downtime. The  family of fire extinguishants from Chemours provides an exceptional alternative to Halon. They are safe for people, electronically nonconductive, noncorrosive and free of residue. Providing assistance whenever it is needed it is what matters—to you and to us.

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FM-200™ is the leading chemical agent replacement. Designed to flood an enclosure, FM-200™ should be used where agents such as water, dry chemical and carbon dioxide are unacceptable because they cause damage to electronic equipment or present a safety risk to people. Operations can resume as soon as fire damage is repaired allowing for minimal business interruption.
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FE-25™ can be used in new applications and replace other industry fire extinguishants in existing systems with minimal modifications, making it the most cost-effective fire extinguishant. FE-25™ is an excellent choice for flood suppression where people are present.
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In a portable fire extinguisher, FE-36™ is discharged as a stream of gas and liquid droplets that ceases the combustion process through heat absorption and chemical interaction. FE-36™ is also used in applications such as a small self-contained total flooding unit.
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FE-13™ has the lowest toxicity and is the safest for protecting areas where people are present. Used in occupied areas, FE-13™ leaves no residue that would cause damage or require post-fire cleanup.
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