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Data Center Fire Suppression

Protecting What Matters Most for Data Processing Centers

Data Center Fire SuppressionProtecting people; protecting assets; protecting the environment—reasons why choosing the right data center fire suppression system is so important.

Whether you're in financial services, health care or retail, a fire at your data processing facility could bring your business to a standstill. We've worked aggressively to develop a full range of clean agent fire extinguishants by Chemours that are safe for people, electrically nonconductive, noncorrosive, and free of residue.

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FM-200™ is the leading chemical agent replacement. Designed to flood an enclosure, FM-200™ should be used where agents such as water, dry chemical and carbon dioxide are unacceptable because they cause damage to electronic equipment or present a safety risk to people. Operations can resume as soon as fire damage is repaired, allowing for minimal business interruption.

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FE-25™ can be used in new applications and replace other industry fire extinguishants in existing systems with minimal modifications, making it the most cost-effective fire extinguishant. FE-25™ can be used in computer rooms and data processing centers. FE-25™ is also an excellent choice for flood suppression where people are present.
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In a portable fire extinguisher, FE-36™ is discharged as a stream of gas and liquid droplets that ceases the combustion process through heat absorption and chemical interaction. Portable fire extinguishers containing FE-36™ are best to protect computer rooms.  FE-36™  is also used in applications as a small self-contained total flooding unit.  It is suited for electronic vaults and precious item storage vaults. 
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FE-13™ has the lowest toxicity and is the safest for protecting areas where people are present. FE-13™ is used in occupied areas such as electrical control rooms, diagnostic imaging labs and communication facilities. It leaves no residue that would cause damage or post-fire cleanup.
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